Story Story by Aunty Elle Mjeni is a concept that tells stories to kids through all sorts of kids songs and story narration that in a great way supports the development of kids in various aspects. The stories impart kids with cultural, social and psychological skills that are important for their growth.

The child brain development starts as the kids grow with a lot of emphasis put on the environment that surrounds the child to determine their growth. In many African Traditions it was a practise that every child would be told a story by the fireplace by either the grandparents.

The stories are an important part of helping nature and develop the child's imagination by introducing new ideas into their world.. Through telling stories the children are able to be influenced to understand and convey the cultural beliefs and practises that will in the long run unite the societies. Telling stories also impart the all important lessons to a child in handling life issues e.g. handling disappointments,being kind etc