Digital Book

The Sondeka Digital book is a collectible book celebrating the art and culture of Nairobi circa 2021. Exploring creatives, spaces, sights, sounds and smells of Nairobi creativity. The book explores and uses Augmented technology to tell the story of “Real” Nairobi with images Graphics and sounds. The AR technology that combines the best aspects of digital and print hooks the reader to the book and yearns to get involved while reading the book. The Collectable book is tactical in delivering the information by blending the content and the information layers in the physical reference system for the user experience. The digital collectible book will showcase Nairobi to other people through the use of Augmented Reality which will bring the realities of the stories told. No printed book captures the reality of the stories told. But with these collectable book images, sounds and Graphics brings to you the current view and real presentations forming the composite image and this allows you to have new visual information that will be presented in real time.