The Sanaa Initiative is a program that aims to impart young girls who have dropped out of school with skills in crafts that can enable them to set up their businesses and earn a living from their craft. The target women in this project are young girls who have dropped out of school and are living in the informal settlements and are jobless and are majorly interested to get craft skills.

The program through the activities expects to change the mindsets of the young girls who with despair run to get married and suffer in the marriages since they do not have things to offer in their families, empower them with new creatives skills that include bead work, soap making, enterprise development among others, to be able to start their own businesses from the skills and also form creative cluster groups where they will learn from each other while carrying out savings and credit services. Through the skills the beneficiaries will be enhanced with skills necessary to change their mindset to starting businesses and provide them with an opportunity for economic empowerment. The three month training will also consist of Entrepreneurship training to help them learn basic skills in business management start up and growth, life skills lessons,counselling sessions with counsellors and basic table banking principles that will be very instrumental in running their savings and credit programs.

The Sanaa Initiative seeks to foster a relationship for the young girls on self-reliance by carrying out sessions that will strive to develop trusts and effective relationships, good communication skills, resources accountability mechanisms that will strengthen the financial aspects of the project while also instituting a peer to peer guidance in the development of the business for enhancing the sustainability of the project.