Sarah Barisa

Wading through the tarmac that leads to Tana River County gives a false picture of the realities on the ground. As you wade through the turns and beautiful sceneries you are met with Shanties that resemble the pre-colonial Ujamaa initiatives home that the white settler was passionate to bring to people who had a common bond in order to get an opportunity to grab their fertile lands and farm on while also making it possible to easily get them work on the farms.
We meet Sarah Barissa, a lady in her mid forties from the look. She recounts that she used to go to school at Hola primary school where she did her studies to fourth grade. She says she was very bright but her husband approached her and convinced her to get married. She is blessed with six kids. She regrets not going to school since today life has become so difficult without education. It is difficult to sustain the family without a good education as the only option left for her is preparing charcoal and collecting firewood for sale.
Her husband was able to complete primary school at grade seven however he was very naughty that getting to complete school was difficult as he was only having his mother and elder brother who effortlessly did not manage to get him to school. He later just got to do menial jobs in the community.
After marriage they started to work together to make ends meet by combining their effort to pay school fees. They would get loans from women groups and women savings chamas which through their odd jobs they would pay back and achieve the target of taking their kids to school. They have managed to have all of them go to school with two of them in upper primary and secondary. The urge and drive to take their kids to school is for them to get good jobs and be able to help themselves in future.
The family decided to take their fifth born to A boarding school in Garissa so that she takes her learning seriously. Unfortunately when she got there she was under an evil spirits attack that prompted her parents to seek for transfer to a school near them so that she learns next to them and only goes back to the boarding school to sit for her exams. She recounts that she believes that girls help their parents more than boys.She is optimistic that her daughter will get well and save her from the evil spirits for her better future.

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