Rabia Hamisi

My name is Rabia Hamisi. I am the second born in our family. I was lucky to complete my secondary education to form four. However after completing my secondary education I did not take time and got married.
I was also lucky that my husband took me to college where I did a course in computers. I am blessed with three kids with the eldest in Primary grade eight and the last born in nursery school. Apart from the family duties she is also the representative of Football Kenya Federation where she is incharge of the TanaRiver County women football. She was lucky to be elected as the women representative in the Football Kenya Committee in Tanariver County. It is worth noting that women do not like to be elected in these posts as they are still living in the past where women were not allowed to get into leadership positions within the communities. She has at some point pushed for more women to be elected in vain. When it comes to sports also many women by the nature of the sports attire find it hard to join the sports due to their cultural practises that does not allow them to have some of their bodies exposed.
She urges that one key thing that needs to be looked into in the current communities is the aspects of women leadership where women should be given equal opportunities for leadership. No discrimination should be given to women on counts that they are not married and seen as going to be husband snatchers. She urges that women take up leadership positions and also men should not look down upon the women leaders.
Tana river county boasts of two tribes that are either farmers or pastrolists and this to some extent has brought clashes in the area. However, during some community functions the two different communities have not had fought in the events .
This has meant peaceful coexistence.

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