Margaret Otha

The peace experienced at the river banks of Tana River are so real that one can get swallowed not knowing by the flow. Not only is the breeze here cool but also the green pastures around make the beds comfortable for one to take a rest.
We meet Margaret who is 44years old winnowing rice as she prepares a meal from the rice granules. She was born and raised in Tanariver county where she studied and reached secondary education at form three where she dropped out of school due to lack of school fees. After staying home for a while she got a suitor who was ready to marry her but after a while while dating the guy got an opportunity to go and work abroad and promised to come after one year.Margaret realized after the guy went that she was pregnant with her first child.When the suitor came back he found the baby three months old and promised to go again and come back to get the family. So he left again and on returning back after one year he wanted to only get the child which Margaret was adamant on. She said she would rather take care of her kid alone and that's how she started to fend for her kid. She got her first employment as a house maid where she only worked for two months and she quit. She got lucky there after and got an opportunity to work at the area Member of parliaments home where she worked for four years. She would get well treated with the family who also took care of her kid as their own. It's only after the fourth year that a suitor who is related to the family and who had lost her wife approached her for marriage. She did not like the idea of getting married to him which seemed like they were also getting equal pressure from the Member of Parliaments family which forced her to quit the job. The suitor did not end at that point but followed her to her home where she even used threats to force her to get married to him.
She decided to run away from home and went to Mombasa then to Taveta. In Taveta she got a job selling in a shop where her kid was taken as a member of that family. One night when the woman of the house had travelled the husband raped her and she became pregnant which prompted her again to come back home.she gave birth to the child unfortunately the child passed on after two years and she was left with the first born.
She got employed as a teacher in a nursery school but while there she got to learn that it is possible to start her own nursery school where she started with the help of a friend. She is happy with the business and she is passionate about her future endeavours in the business.

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