Getting spiritual in prayers means doing much that pertains to your faith. Many will sing, recite, practice spiritual beliefs all geared towards ensuring that you fulfill your daily spiritual obligations.
We met Lulu as she was following her daily obligations of prayers “Salah” in her house. She is willing to narrate her story to us on her life journey.
She lost her Dad whilst still struggling to get a college education. Things did not get better after his death that she decided to get married. She got married to a teacher who later changed his profession and became a village chief. In his duties as a chief he has also met a series of challenges involving land dispute tribunals. As land is a very important part of the wealth of the people in Tana River county Many are willing even to kill to be able to thwart the revelation of truths about their parcels of land. This has made people want to kill her husband. Her husband who liked farming would visit his farms after work and sleep there just to ensure the farms are not intruded by thieves. It was during one of his night vigils in the farm that a group who had monitored him attacked him and shot him in the stomach that left him wounded badly. He was carried home by well wishers and taken to hospital however most of his internal organs had been damaged by the bullet. He was hospitalized in Garissa town for one month where doctors removed all the damaged organs. He took another four months at home nursing the injuries until now that he is able to walk on crutches. Lulu is appreciative that her husband who is still able to fend for the family will still be her husband and he will not look for another husband. He is happy and continues to give courage to her husband.

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