Esha Omar

Esha Omar shying away from the camera one would think she is a teenager that is resisting the glares of the equipment that the crew is setting up for the interview. At a simple glance you will see a responsible lady in her 50s carrying out her normal duties to make ends meet for her family. The hypothesis changes as she narrates to us her story.
Esha Omar was married at the age of 15 years and she is blessed with five kids, two boys and three girls. She opens up about her daughters and it's her prayers that her daughters do not get married off at tender age as is the norm in the community of Tana River County. Esha did not get an opportunity to go to school and with the current situation in the country it is going to be useful to have some investment in her kids so that they are able to get something they can do in future.
Esha decided to get into business to fend for her kids. Noting that the kids would go to school but lack some essential needs that are important for their schooling including books, pens and pencils amongst others she decided to venture into some business. This was compounded with the situation she found herself in after getting her first child where things looked normal, she got her second child things also were fine at this point but on getting the third child she was taken back to the rural home to stay there. She realized that staying home there was nothing that she was doing that would give her income and then she opted to go back to where the husband was. While staying with the husband again she became pregnant with her fourth child and soon after she conceived her fifth child. At this point life got harder in terms of provision for the family needs. She noted that providing for the bigger family was going to be a tussle for her and her husband. She asked her husband if he would accept birth control. Her husband did not give immediate feedback but she took the immediate initiative and went and was put under a family planning control measure that did not go well with her body. Her first three months were not peaceful as she developed hypertension and even after getting a second option it persisted. This prompted Esha to get to talk to the husband to use male contraception to help Esha not to conceive again. Fortunately also understanding the weight in the same he accepted and that what they have been using to prevent pregnancies.

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