I Speak

Over the years, the importance of women in the society has become more elaborate, as women are the glue that holds the society together. In recent times, we have seen the incline in the percentage of families supported by a single parent which in most cases is a woman. Our focus for this project has been Tana River County. This is a county that has seen its share of strife. From famine, to floods and worse still, civil conflicts that led many dead. In all this though, we met extremely strong women who have done amazing things for their communities.

Noting the importance of protecting and empowering marginalized women in Kenya, it has been our objective as Creatives Garage and I speak to promote cultural diversity, which encompasses digging into the spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features that characterize a society’s way of life; to inspire a generation of women by passing wisdom from one generation to the next; to empower and break stereotypes associated with women; to profile and promote unsung African women heroes; and to archive the African narrative in digital formats that can be accessed for generations to come.

I Speak is aimed at encouraging gender equality, it aims to give a voice to all the women who are working hard to make ends meet for their families. The women whose sacrifices have been ignored yet it is these sacrifices that keep our societies moving. It’s about starting a movement that will empower and inspire all women from all walks of life to stand up and take their place among the male dominated world.

While the principle geographical location for the project is Tana River County, through the use of the digital space, we aim to push the impact of this project to a larger audience across Kenya, Africa and across the globe. Our digital platforms of distribution will be podcasts, short documentaries and viral videos and a collection of short written stories.