Femmolution is a feminist movement that discusses gender matters that have been pushed down, ignored and treated as embarrassing by the society. In Africa, topics that deal with female sexuality, gender violence and mental health have been deemed as uncomfortable conversations that are ignored and pushed down as unimportant; and for centuries, the woman has been oppressed and pushed down.
Femmolution 1 is a concept of Creatives Garage that seeks to profile female entrepreneurs in the arts who need help reaching and expanding their exposure with potential for social impact.
Femmolution 1 is a combination of 10 female artists who, through music, talk about what it’s like to be a woman in today’s society. The artists are from 5 different countries in Africa, creating a beautiful blend of the authentic African sound.
The idea for Femmolution came about after a call for artist participation in the Sondeka Festival revealed more male participants than females. The question then became: where are the female creatives?

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