Imagine sitting in a matatu (huko ngong road just after thah gureti korna) and seeing kidu 15 people selling prints just like the one drew and posted online the month before. (Minus signature of course) so now? What do you do? Shuka at the next stop (hakuna kusimama hapa madam lazima tufike stage na urudi na mguu) , and tell them about your intellectual property rights? Will they listen? Will they suddenly decide that for the first time ever piracy is bad? Nope.

So what’s the solution to such a situation? How do you share your art with the world AND still secure the bag as an indie artist?

One solution is NFTs, which are non fungible tokens. They have nothing to do with mushrooms but everything to do with ensuring that a clear record of WHO created a piece and WHO owns it is available. So as much as everyone can try recreate your work for their own benefit at the end if the day, it’s YOUR WORK.

NFTs work on blockchain technology. Yeah the same thing you read about whenever you open that one WhatsApp group with your friend who used to sell quail eggs bit now sells Bitcoin. NFTs are like certificates of authenticity, but I’m this case they can’t be forged. At all, like ever…halas, lenga the idea because haiwesmek.

While it does sound like you JUST need to upload your work to a website supporting crypto art well…it’s not that easy. There’s hoops and a few Kenya shilling shaped loops you need to jump through. NFTs are crypto based, and to sell them…you need to get a bit into crypto

Here’s a quick barebones breakdown of getting your work into NFT markets…You need:

-the asset you’re getting a certificate for (your first selfie doesn’t count, you’re not that famous fam)
-get a digital wallet and buy some crytpo currency. How do you buy crypto coins? Is there a paybill? (we cover that later)
- The next step is getting on an NFT market place like rarible. Create your NFT by uploading your asset and filling ALL THE RELEVANT INFO.
-Heres the tricky bit, NFTs are on a decentralized Network, so basically you uploading this file is you using someones processing power. HENCE the crytpo coin you bought earlier. Minting your NFT and listing it costs “gas fees” as in ngata…as in…petrol…
- Set the price for your beautiful amazing one of a kind digital asset (or don’t, folk can just bid in it)
- Market the sh*** out if what you just did