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Liz Kilili

Interview: Are creative spaces East Africa’s sleeping giants?

This interview first appeared on Hivos East Africa's website here. The Creatives Garage hub was birthed by a quest to engage in cultural activism and enable creatives to venture into social innovation. To date, it has partnered with 7,000 creatives who are guided to turn their craft into a source of livelihood. In 2014, Creatives Garage’s Roy Ombati...

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Confessions Of A Drug Addict by Nick Olwah

This provocative piece by Nick Olwah is based on his battle with drug and substance abuse. He is bound in chains by drugs and feels that they empower him by giving him courage to talk to girls and particularly in front of a crowd. He is haunted by guilt due to the fact that he...

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Bella by Gladys Mwende

'Bella' is a piece done by spoken word artist Gladys Mwende. She narrates how Bella plunges into an abyss of sexual addiction. Bella is enslaved by her own lust for sexual gratification. She moves from one guy to another and nobody wants to save her from herself. This piece speaks of that which the society...

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Fashion hub

The value chains that exist within the Fashion Industry A significant part of the informal sector in the contemporary world is essentially an outgrowth of the formal economy in more ways than one. The activities in the informal sector are directly linked to and often constitute an essential part of the processes of production, exchange and accumulation. In certain...

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In pursuit of Self Expression

Art in Urban Spaces While growing up in urban Nairobi, I particularly remember longing for Sundays as there always were activities in the social hall such as the weekly Talent Shows where estate children showcased their talent. Years down the line the Nairobi City Council reposed these robust social halls and either turned them into welfare spaces or offices...

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Alternative markets

Yesterday I received a phone call from a friend who has a TV show on one of the major TV stations. I have been trying to get a show into one of the stations and have been looking for the ‘right contacts’ but thats been very hard to come by. I asked one friend for a contact...

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