Bamba kids is a STEM inspired APP we plan to develop for kids ages 5-10 years. That will act as not only an entertainment platform for kids but one for educational purposes to. Bamba APP will disseminate wholesome edutainment content to the kids. Some of the component we have within this APP is:

Cognitive games (mind development games)

The cognitive games are an integral part in mind development of kids as it enhances several aspects of their mental growth. It has been noted that kids who play these kinds of games are able to build several skills in their lives, develop positive effects on their brains while enhancing their ability to learn, are aided better in longer attention spans, enhanced problem solving abilities and self-regulation skills. This games will finally develop; analytical thinking, comprehension, spatial awareness, lateral and critical thinking, creativity and problem solving.

Conceptual Learning

The conceptual learning games will play a big role in helping kids understand concept rather than just knowing layers of information of the concept. These games will help kids understand and retain what they learn from the game. The conceptual learning games, the kids will be enhanced in understanding the concepts by playing roles or carrying out activities which will develop them in a holistic way to become inquisitive, promote open communication and transform them into long time learners. This will be achieved by creating bite size, palatable content that is easy and fun to understand for kids.

Knowledge transfer

In African setting in the past, old people would sit around the fire and transfer knowledge on how things are done through factual and fictional stories. The current world we are living in have little or not any, time for this to take place. Instead, kids have taken to the media and internet to get this information many of which are unstructured and may be harmful in the long run. The information transfer will be done through v Fictional Stories, do it yourself videos, Did you Know? segments And folk tales. This will help carry the narrative forward and teach kids some valuable skills in making traditional musical instruments, traditional dances and songs and all-important aspects of traditional way of doing things thus keeping tradition alive.