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“I’m tayadt” That’s a phrase some Kenyans use to describe being completely done with everything. When you read or hear that phrase you can just sense the person who said it is breathing in air and breathing out “I’m done with this crap.”
Creatives Garage is an arts collective and agency that conceptualizes, creates and distributes content fed by varied African narratives. We also film scripts written by undiscovered talent, publish books by revolutionary women, and host art gallery showings that make government censors want to twist off their moustaches. We’re creating content from Africa that the world needs and WANTS to see, we’ve never held back and won’t stop now.

Creatives Garage began as a dream to create a space where creatives from all walks of life could come together (cut through the bureaucracy and bullsh** that populates our various creative industries) and network, collaborate and push the boundaries of the creative scene. Since 2013 we’ve built a community of over 13,000 creatives reminiscent of a typical African village. Where several families contribute to the well being of the whole.

Creatives Garage is a broad-spectrum arts collective and creative agency that pushes the bounds. We are a registered Arts Trust based in Nairobi, Kenya. That’s part of why we need to have serious “NGO speak” like this section on our website. Because as much as we would love to sound fun all the time, we’re actually pretty serious about what we do. Our goal is to create content that addresses social issues through partnerships and collaborations with the creative community. Issues that are often skirted around or mentioned in ‘hushed tones’.