Creatives Garage | PAIN by Tugwire Timothy Bandora Jr.2020
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PAIN by Tugwire Timothy Bandora Jr.2020


Pain is in my heart and pain is in my mind;

Pain is in my soul; as time falls behind;

I feel possessed by a demon;

But I am far from a heathen;

It’s an unhealthy relationship; so I decided this morning to pack up my bags because I’mleaving;

Depression is a killer; depression is a thriller;

Before you count your blessings; you let the darkness tell you to pull the trigger;

But wait; think, give it the benefit of the doubt;

See a glimmer of light; just when you thought there was no way out;

Stuck in these four corners; feeling caged in;A sore loner;

You wake up in a hot sweat; with no sauna;

Nightmares haunt ya; enemies taunt ya;

You cannot let this fear conquer you; rather let this fear sponsor you;

To find a new world;

Stuck with the same old shell; but with a new pearl;

New beginnings are hard to start;

All you have to do is trust your heart;

It’s the only organ that can resist; the imbalance of emotional chemicals;

You can mend a broken heart; but a broken brain; that’s the end of you;

But have no fear;

See GOD is near;

What he has planned for you; may not always seem clear;

But with enough patience; it will all appear.


by Tugwire Timothy Bandora Jr.2020

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