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Allan Munene is an artist from Nairobi who began his specialty after a pilgrimage journey to Dar es Salaam for about fourteen days. He at that point returned to Kenya and found a line of work at a shisha bar where he practised drawing a lot during late hours precisely 2am to 6am. He went on to sell khat in Nairobi West which was a business that did not perform well for him and resulted to him ending up destitute for a couple of months when he would visit his friends and draw in their  houses. At that point he quit selling khat following 2 years and sought after his craft wholesomely. This was after he started receiving gratification for his art from a few people.

Allan says that he was motivated by an encounter where he was strolling on the shoreline of south coast Dar Es Salaam for 9 hours conversing with God, requesting a remarkable and unique gift.

Allan otherwise known as ‘Allo’  believes that he is the one in particular who can do his sort of craftsmanship. He calls it ‘Allo’ because of its unique nature.

He enjoys his work because it is not something that can be defined. “My work is too structured to be abstract.” It doesn’t emanate from anything he knows or can define hence it always gives people a new perception. He takes part in a great deal of training to attempt and accomplish flawlessness. In his very own words, “I work like a slave; I am a captive to my objectives.”

Allo has been drawing for 3 years now. His practise has grown based on his experiences. A lot of things have happened to him within those 3 years that have inspired his art to grow. He describes his art as art from another universe that is to prepare people for what’s coming.

Allan’s Mural at Creatives Garage.

Allo believes that the role of an artist in society is to see fully what other people only catch a glimpse of and portray it in a way others can’t. He therefore, pursues a themes to bring forth the unknown. Bending perception.

His favorite work is the ‘Wheel of destiny’ (it is the first one he did) and he realized that it is similar to a wheel in Tutankhamun’s (an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty) throne.

Allan’s favorite work
The wheel in Tutankhamun’s throne

One of his most memorable reponses he has received from his work was while he was working at the shisha bar. He was approached by a man who asked him what he was drawing. He answered that he doesn’t know and the guy proceeded to insulting him and his work.

Allan feels that he separates himself from other artists as they are stuck to what they know and can define. They try too hard to be unique instead of living their own lives in their own way. Forging their own paths. He has received a lot of discrimination from other artists who can’t replicate his work.  All the same, instances such as these never stop him from reaching his ultimate goal which is to have an audience that’s not human to come and appreciate his work (since it seems to complex for human intelligence to comprehend). He would also like for people to travel from around the globe to come and appreciate his work.

To wrap it all up, he leaves us with a parting shot which is the best piece of advice that he has received; that his work is not all that. He then figured out that if there is no one hating on what he does then there is something he isn’t doing right.

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