Creatives Garage | Lessons on Black History
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Lessons on Black History

You have to be very careful introducing the truth to the black man who has never previously heard the truth about himself. The black brother is so brainwashed that he may reject the truth when he first hears it. You have to drop a little at a time and wait a while to let that sink in before advancing to the next step. ~ Malcom X

On 10th August 2018, at Creatives Garage a group of us settled at CG’s lounge for an evening of learning, music and digging deep in history through the eyes of Gatonye Wa Kuria; a film maker and director, soulful music by Nahya Kuri and Aurie, a singer and  a songwriter.


The tagline of the event was; to better understand our true identities and to learn how to harness power from them and all has been/is being thrown at us rather than to drop all we know in order to take up the “new.”

And true to the tagline, we meandered through the journey of rediscovery, into ancient history, ancient kingdoms, cultures and moving from the status quo, the forgotten, what we know, the vague and the scary.

Actual lessons:

  • The hidden beauty of Africa that is often not portrayed and the gory and ludicrous picture of Africa that is portrayed. As any other place in the world, In Africa there are problems, diseases and places that are not aesthetically correct. But Africa is also beautiful and civilized. See for instance; Timbuktu, Somali land, Asmara, The sphinx, Victoria Falls, The great lakes and Kaladula falls.
  • It is up to us, Africans, to rewrite our story and history. Tell our story and that requires knowledge of the story that was written, often not by us. Knowledge of what was rewritten, what was wiped away, what was hidden and bring it to light. See Moors, Moorish castles, early medicine, Mathematics (Lebombo bone, pyramids), Astronomy (Adams Calendar, Dogon write up, Noramatunga stones in Turkana), writing and hair.
  • The Twa people and the earliest globe trotters, the relationship between the Khoisans and the Fuegians, intelligent moors and their castles.
  • The Moors in Europe, their books and contribution and their exit. The stealing of legacies and the re-modelling of their castles.


It is impossible to write about this lessons without vividly going back to the class itself and hearing the spine-chilling truths. Without repeating all that was said or adding more. It is essential that black people dig into their history and discover who they were before colonialism, slavery and “civilization.” Slavery is not only systemic but also mental. Creatives Garage curates this class once in a while. Follow us on Instagram to be notified when the class is back.  

Writen by Sarah Nderi

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