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Youth of Nairobi!

Youth of Nairobi!

You are very happy for making love while revolutionaries are on the streets.

We see the police men blinded by coins, and slaves to power.

But you don’t see.


You ‘taitai’ should know,

You sell out your heroes for money

What if Kimathi were here?

Would you sell him out too?


Youth of Nairobi!

Fight with courage

We will get our land back

And our freedom returned.


They call us cyber-activists

Quick on the screens and fast with hashtags.


It is time we take to the streets

Appease the spirits of Dedan Kimathi

And his comrades, make Wanjiku happy once again.


Make Wangari Mathai happy. She did not gather scars for no reason

Make Reverend Njoya say

‘The youth of today are liberated’

Let them see from above or in reality that the youth of today are alive and free.


Piece by: Suhayl Omar

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