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I’m Tired

At 23, some of us are still figuring our lives out. Most of us are fresh from campus, ready and eager for whatever may come next. At 23 we are still planning out the direction our lives will take. At 23 our parents start asking us when we’re going to move out, as if they’re not aware of the expensive life out here. We feel inadequate at 23, while others just want to live it up at 23. Did I mention that hangovers start to really take their toll at 23?

Well, unlike most of us, Paula Akpan and Harriet Evans are making serious moves at 23, and not the kind that Cardi B talks about in Bodak Yellow. These phenomenal women came up with The I’m Tired Project, in July 2015, since then, the UK-based project has effectively initiated a social debate around daily prejudices faced by people from all walks of life. It has succeeded in reaching over 2 million people, spanning 45 over countries, with each photo reaching an average 23,000 people. In February 2016, Paula and Harriet received the prestigious “Points of Light” Award from the UK Prime Minister for their work on the project. “The Points of Light award recognizes outstanding individual volunteers – people who are making a change in their community.” The award was presented by the British Deputy Consul General in New York.

Not bad for 23 year olds huh? The two became friends at Nottingham University, and after realising how tired they were of the many -isms in the world, they decided to do something about it. What started as a social media project utilizing photography of the human body and written words as tools to highlight the lasting impact of micro aggressions has now become a community outreach program. The project has held exhibitions in New York and Nottingham, and guess where they’re heading to next? (Drum rolls please)

Where else but at Creatives Garage, otherwise known as your home of awesomeJ. The I’m Tired Project is set to begin on 13th November with a photo shoot highlighting what you’re tired of. If you feel that there are stereotypes around you that you just want to put an end to, please don’t shy away. We want to know what you’re tired of. Paula and Harriet will host a series of workshops for the next two days. There will be an exhibition launch on 17th November, where we will revel in the photos of our backs highlighting the micro aggressions we’re tired of. Sounds like a great idea right? Mark your calendars people, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

At 23, I’m Tired of having these killer hangovers. *Ba Dum Tss*


Follow these links to learn more about the I’m Tired Project:




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