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What was the last really good movie you watched? What is your all time favourite work of film? Which of these is locally made? Or even made in Africa?


It’s a shame we don’t have too many great productions that are well marketed and attended because I happen to know that a good number of local productions are produced every week and some of them are impressively good quality. For good quality productions, their greatest challenge is finding a platform that will expose them to audiences like us who are glued to foreign productions.


The not so good productions face challenges that are significantly more preeminent, much larger than just finding a stage for a greater audience, their greater task is how they could improve on the quality of their productions, what skills they could pick up that would give their work an edge over others, and who is available to lead them in the right direction.


Creatives Garage is creating that opportunity for a chosen few up and coming content producers who are concentrating in either film or audio productions and have a burning desire to improve their skills and have their work marketed to a much wider audience that includes great industry heads.


We are doing a call for content producers in the following film categories for film (short film/webisodes):


  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Thriller
  • Action
  • Investigative Drama
  • Documentaries
  • How-To Videos (the more creative the better)

To qualify for this opportunity, we will require a complete and detailed synopsis of the short film, webisodes (in the mentioned categories) or any audio productions of choice, no specific categories are offered for audio productions.


Applying candidates must be 18 years and over, and must be available to attend at least 3 Masterclasses that are vital for their skills polishing.


The chosen applicants will have an opportunity to have their synopsis developed into a production in which they will be heavily involved in. Creatives Garage will provide a production budget, licenses and equipment to make this possible. The chosen few applicants are advised to have a potential cast, director and locations that will be vetted and advised upon, once shortlisted.

They will also participate significantly in the entire post production process. The completed production will be put on all our marketing avenues and distributed to organizations that support the films.


Application deadline is 31st August, 2017.

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