Creatives Garage | “The Yellow Light Experience” hosted by Yellow Light Machine
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“The Yellow Light Experience” hosted by Yellow Light Machine

This weekend (14th May 2017) I had the pleasure of attending The Yellow Light Experience at The Alchemist, hosted by Yellow Light Machine (that’s a lot of yellow in one sentence LOL). Now I’m a huge fan of Yellow Light Machine, I’ve been listening to their music since the band was formed a couple of years ago. I’ve attended countless shows, and I’ve loved each one of them. I should probably mention that one of the vocalists is one of my best friends so I may be a little biased 🙂 But hey, I’m all for supporting my friends. So when I heard about the show I was already down to go, plus it was the perfect treat for my sister in honor of Mother’s Day. Another thing that locked us down for this plan was the fact that it was Burger Festival week. Who doesn’t love a good deal on food? The burgers at Mama Rocks were calling *insert tongue emoji* LOL

We got to The Alchemist at around 2pm, when the show was scheduled to begin. The weather was gloomier than I expected so I couldn’t wear my sun-dress as planned, but that’s a minor issue. We paid the entrance fee (only 500/=) and immediately embarked on a hunt for something to eat. Food always comes first. Imagine our disappointment when we were informed that Mama Rocks was closed 🙁 Apparently the demand was higher than the supply so they had to close down. Again, disappointing! But that wasn’t about to dampen our high spirits, on with the hunt. We decided to try our luck at the Chef’s Word food stall. They had a small menu consisting of Tacos, Nyama Choma (Grilled Goat Meat), Kebab and Pineapple Mint Juice. We settled on Tacos and the juice. In my opinion the Tacos were a little small for the price (200/= for one) but they made up for that in flavor. That Nyama Choma really smelled appetizing though, I definitely have to try it out next time.


Now that our tummies were sorted it was time to get some drinks and enjoy the show. Phyllis Marchielle was strumming some mellow tunes on her guitar accompanied by her melodic voice. The vibe was easy-going, as Alchemist usually is; perfect Sunday setting.

I won’t talk about each performance because there were quite a number, I’ll just focus my favorite pieces. I’ll start with Tha Movement, wowww! This was my first time hearing the all-male band and I was thoroughly impressed. Their energy is infectious; immediately they started performing we stopped mid-conversation to turn our attention to the stage. Each one of them displayed effortless skill on their respective instruments, and somehow managing to dance as they played. Coordinating my feet alone is a problem so that’s impressive to me LOL. The music they performed was incredibly versatile and unique. From a “mugithii reggae” song as they called it (a reggae song written in Kikuyu) to their own unique covers of hits such as “We Found Love” and “Don’t You Worry Child”. They also teamed up with other artists like Priscah Ojwang, amongst others. All in all, I loved their fresh take on everything they performed.  Watch out for this band!

You know I have to talk about Yellow Light Machine hehe. In all seriousness though, this is not the personal bias talking, I genuinely really enjoy their music. Its evident how in-sync they are with each other as they perform. The differences in personalities work as an advantage rather than a set-back, because it makes the band even more vibrant. Their performance was energetic and engaging, playing songs of varied genres as they usually do. Every time you tried to sit down they would play something that had you back on the dancefloor. They finished off the set with a striking guitar solo by Hookah The Travelling Monk.

YLM (Shot by Eric James)
Courtesy of Eric James

Apart from the performance, they did a commendable job in putting together the event. There were different vendors all around such as a Head Scarf stand, Photo Booth, etc which is important because it creates mutual support amongst diverse creatives, thus promoting the growth of the creative industry.

Ultimately, I had a wonderful time! The all-around vibe was light and positive which is what everyone wants on a Sunday afternoon. I already can’t wait for the next edition 🙂

Courtesy of Feslus “Fess” Sila


Love and light,


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