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Creatives Garage

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Kalabars Scripting Master Class Facilitated by Cajetan Boy

Catejan Boy is a producer, writer and editor who has been in the industry for over 10 years. He is the products development leader for Et Cetera Productions Limited. He is the Vice Chair of the Kenya Scriptwriters Guild. He is a screenwriting mentor with the Maisha Film Lab and a lecturer at Africa Film and Television Talent...

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Light skin vs dark skin

"Aki wewe ni mweupe vizuri." "What do you mean both your parents are Afrikan?Uko sure hakuna mzungu kwa family yenu?" These are just some of the questions most people ask me because society has managed to further divide black people. As if we aren't all already black. I'm what is commonly referred to as a lightskin girl,...

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Go Pro with your smartphone.

Alliance Française de Nairobi invites entries for the 2nd Smartphone Film Competition. This year’s theme is ‘Storo za familia’ / ‘Family Stories’ / ‘Histoire de Familles’. Open to all residents of Kenya over the age of 18 yrs. The film must be 4 minutes maximum including credits. 1st Prize – 100,000/-. Deadline for entries: midnight 1st October 2017. For details: Let...

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music n brains - linkedin post

Music ‘n’ Brains

Music ‘n’ Brains is an industry event for musicians and music business professionals to come together to learn from each other’s experiences, discover new music and make friends for their journeys ahead. Read our intro post on who we are and why we do what we do. On the real, if you are starting/ running a...

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madam president

Madame President: The Revolution is Here

Remember Kingwa Kamencu? She launched her bid for the 2013 Kenyan Presidential Election becoming the youngest woman to declare her candidacy. This obviously created a lot of buzz around the writer. Well she's back on everyone's lips with her new mock reality show aptly named "Madame President".   The show follows Madame President through her daily life...

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MUSIC 'n' BRAINS - Twitter Post

Welcome to Music n Brains

If you are a musician who feels like you need a better hold on your business, read on.   Music ’n’ Brains is an industry event series designed to educate musicians and music business professionals, showcase new & unknown musical acts, and celebrate the connecting power of music. Think of it as your unofficial MBA in Music...

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What was the last really good movie you watched? What is your all time favourite work of film? Which of these is locally made? Or even made in Africa?   It’s a shame we don’t have too many great productions that are well marketed and attended because I happen to know that a good number of local...

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Nikupe Mapenzi by Bany

Bany, who's full name is Bigomokoro Banyako Blaise, is a musician who hails from Congo but relocated to Kenya in 2008. In his song "Nikupe Mapenzi" he mixes Kiswahili and English swiftly, as though he's been living in Kenya his whole life. The love song is basically a request to his love interest to open up...

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