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MUSIC 'n' BRAINS - Twitter Post

Welcome to Music n Brains

If you are a musician who feels like you need a better hold on your business, read on.   Music ’n’ Brains is an industry event series designed to educate musicians and music business professionals, showcase new & unknown musical acts, and celebrate the connecting power of music. Think of it as your unofficial MBA in Music...

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What was the last really good movie you watched? What is your all time favourite work of film? Which of these is locally made? Or even made in Africa?   It’s a shame we don’t have too many great productions that are well marketed and attended because I happen to know that a good number of local...

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Nikupe Mapenzi by Bany

Bany, who's full name is Bigomokoro Banyako Blaise, is a musician who hails from Congo but relocated to Kenya in 2008. In his song "Nikupe Mapenzi" he mixes Kiswahili and English swiftly, as though he's been living in Kenya his whole life. The love song is basically a request to his love interest to open up...

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Sausage Meat Bolognese Like A Pro

We , well most of us anyways, know how to make the regular spaghetti bolognese with a few twists. This recipe uses slightly different but just as easily available ingredients that will make your meal special especially if you're working to impress a special person or critical guests.   Ingredients: Tagliatelle (this is pasta easily found in most supermarkets,...

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Creative Enterprise – turn your hobby into a business

So you are great at taking pictures, or drawing, or you sing like an angel so says everyone. Here you are with this skill or talent but find yourself stuck at that point where you know you have something good, but how to convert it into money in your pocket?   Skill, talent or a stroke of...

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The Rise of East African Wave at the Home of Awesome

This article was originally written on this site   “I hate when someone tells me I don’t sound African,” says Ukweli, the youngest member of East African Wave—or EA Wave for short. “What am I supposed to do, put Conga drums on all of my tracks? My music is African by virtue of me being African.” The 21-year-old...

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The Branding Conversation…

  Every time I hear (well actually, when I get invited to) of an event for Creatives that wants to discuss how we can all become better and grow the creative economy, a hint of “hmmm, do I really want to go for this?” always hits me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the chance...

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The Growth of Kenyan Blogging And Social Media Communities

Note: This article was originally written on this website Looking back to 2011 as we were thinking about the idea of building a community of bloggers, I see why we need to be proud of the progress we have made over the years. The most talked about and shared content about Kenya and Africa at...

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The Mirage That Is The Pursuit Of Happiness.

He’s told time heals all wounds. He’s also told that at times, its much better to man up, build a bridge and get over it. No need to cry over spilled milk right??? Although all things considered, everyone in Kenya right now would shamelessly sob and wail at the sight of their hard earned coin slowly seep...

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