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Emmanuel Clench aka Clench001 is a young filmmaker/D.O.P with technical skills in post-production i.e editing, visual effects, 2D compositing, and graphic design. He is a graduate of Shang Tao Media School where he studied film and animation. The talented artist has gained a lot of experience working on music videos, TV shows, short films, and documentaries. He is the Brainchild and one of the producers of the 123Sketches show. His short film ‘Lightning Thief’ was screened in the Cefalu Film Festival, Italy; and got screened in the European Film Festival hosted in Nairobi. Clench is motivated and determined to tell African stories and is ready to do what it takes to improve and inspire the mindsets of young minds in his age group.

Clench has worked on a few themes on his bucket list but what has always been prevalent in his art is the human experience and mostly identity. Nevertheless, he has always wanted to experiment with more history, invention, fantasy, politics and even social disorder. He believes that there is beauty in portraying the human experience in cinema because as a filmmaker, he tells his own stories to an audience who goes through similar experiences. Imagine making a film that emphasizes on social improvement and making it personal to Kenyans, not trying to copy American/British way of storytelling… “The personal stories go a long way and have a huge impact on the audiences.”

“Filmmakers play a lot of roles in society but most importantly, they inspire the younger generation when it comes to career choice. Filmmakers also help the community to tell stories through film and pass that information on to the next generations.”

Clench has been the biggest fan of cinema for quite some time. He draws his inspiration from music, people, nature, science fiction, cartoons, and going to the movie theater.  He has two real-life situations that have inspired him. First, he saw a picture on Facebook in 2011 of Colin Tilley holding a huge camera with two guys helping him out, he then wanted to be in Colins’ shoes. Another one was around 2014/2015 where Clench had a conversation with a friend about career choice; regardless of his friend shooting him down and telling him how his career choice has no money value, he passionately told him of how he wanted to shoot astounding videos.  

Professionally, Clench has been practicing film for 5 years by working on tonnes of weddings, documentaries, music videos, TV commercials, and a few films. His work has been transforming positively each year and he manifests it to elevate to better opportunities in this new decade. His ultimate dream goal is to get one of his films to play in movie theaters all around the world.

Clench enjoys the freedom to tell stories through film. He acknowledges that as a filmmaker, it is not easy to lie to your audience because if the audience does not connect with your story, you will lose their attention. 

“Creating art is so sensitive to me. My biggest challenges are, facing the urge to explore more than one idea while remaining true to myself and getting adequate funds to create small projects before getting to the big leagues.”

Despite the challenges he has faced, Clench reminds us that, “You can’t show progression with the same glow up.”

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