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If you have ever felt stuck or stagnant in a creative process then this is the right article for you. For most people (I’m not sure about aliens), creativity streams from intention, mental clarity, and inspiration. We live in an era of information overload where there is so much thrown to our faces through advertisements that it creates certain expectations to conform to what society deems the norm. We suffer from decision fatigue. The concept is that every decision we have to make in a day drains our reserves. 

To create we need energy and space. Often we find we have so much to do that we rarely make time to create intentionally. Learning how to be intentional in this process is key because it breeds results that motivate your success. Creatives need to make room to create and express themselves. A good approach to this could be minimalism.

The minimalist lifestyle is about living with only the things you need. Minimalists are free from the desire to buy and accumulate more. Instead, they find happiness in relationships and experiences. Experiences that inspire us to bring something new to life. They tend to be innovative through reusing and recycling.

Minimalism sparks creativity. It moves the focus from consuming to creating, enjoying and relating. Those of you familiar with Michelangelo might recall his words, ‘Art lives on constraints and dies of freedom.’

We can create amazing things when we are faced with incredible challenges that may seem (at the moment) limiting. One of the constraints could be resources. A common complaint goes, ‘I do not have…’ however, what have you done with what you actually have? Creating doesn’t necessarily require particular tools. You might own a guitar but you can not play a tune to save your life (get where I’m going with this?)

When it comes to creativity, more isn’t necessarily a good thing. When faced with more, we counter-intuitively create less. The day we realize that we need to ditch that “If only I had” attitude, is the day we will realize that we can create absolutely.

Recognize that creativity also requires continuous sustained effort to get desirable outcomes. The more you practice, the better you are at it. Sporadic outbursts of creativity are great ways to release overwhelming pressure or inspiration. 

The thing that makes you a creative is your ability to bring to life something that wasn’t there yesterday. It’s your gift for seeing the correlations in disconnected things. You can tell the truth in a way that causes others to resonate with it too.

Remember to also take breaks. Don’t pressure yourself excessively to create. That in itself will block out motivation. Go back to the drawing board, map out your purpose for creating and be kind to yourself. Creativity requires serenity.

That being said, I trust that you will soon awe yourself with your next creation. Be intentional about it, put in the required effort and refuel your creative energy. All the best!

-Nungari Gitau

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