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Liz Kilili, Creative Director and Cultural Manager, is a driven and slightly eccentric creative, mostly known as the Chief Mechanic and founder of Creatives Garage. She has achieved more for the creative industries in East Africa in a short while than others have in a lifetime. Her brainchild, Creatives Garage, has spearheaded projects and movements that have helped the creative industry grow in both policy and output and still continue even after the project goals have been brought to fruition.

Liz is an adept curator of many projects such as Sondeka Festival and Awards, Chill Out, Mini Garage and Art At The Junction. She has recently organized Prosexsive, an exhibition that aims to offer a safe, open space for conversations about sex. Prosexsive seeks to challenge the myths and taboos behind talking about sex by creating a place where people can talk about it as the human act that it is — just like eating or sleeping. Prosexive welcomes all ways of thinking about sex. 

Liz has collaborated with several artists that are already challenging the perceptions of sex in contemporary society to exhibit their work. In doing so, she hopes to expose Prosexsive attendees to different points of view on sex as opposed to a single narrative that is pushed by religious, political or socio-cultural factors.

Prosexsive was an idea inspired over a conversation she had with her friends. The discussion was about sex; where they would each express their different experiences, opinions and perceptions of sex in regards to religion, politics and cultural factors. She observed that some of the views came from a point of ignorance since in Kenya, there is little to no sex education.

“Sex isn’t a linear topic. Sex is abstract.” Liz says as she checks a notification that pops up on her phone. She was motivated to partner with different photographers whose works involved sex elucidation, to understand their different interpretations of sex. In doing so, She reach out to Lusi Mbiria, Jesi Furahah, Namikoye Wanjala, Paul Munene, Kevin Mwachiro, Sylvia Gichia, Lorenzo Roccheggiani, Constantin Kirezi  and Marvin Muriithi and got them to showcase their work in the exhibition to be held on 12th of July, 2019 at Creatives Garage, Wood Avenue.

The guests in attendance will be part of the installation as they will be engaging in conversations to uncover and challenge the unspoken aspects of sex. There will be erotic readings from Femmolution (a book she wrote together with other enlightened women) and borrowed excerpts from other books, erotic dancing, visual installations and a sex aunt who will talk about her different sex experiences as she demonstrates some intimate activities to enlighten the curious minds on what goes on with the female body during intercourse.

Some of the challenges Prosexsive has faced is that, partnering organizations from other countries did not consider Prosexsive to be ‘African enough’ and thus, the publisher did not manage to publish Prosexsive into the book it was to be. Liz therefore made lemonade by recreating Prosexsive into an exhibition. She encourages other daring curators who wish to orchestrate out of the norm events to just do it. “ Somewhere along the way, you will find someone who is willing to back you up and walk the journey with you to make your event a success.”

Liz Kilili invites you to Prosexsive Exhibition event happening on Friday, 12th July, 2019 at Creatives Garage, Wood Avenue, Kilimani. The Event is scheduled to start at 6pm and is open for viewing up to 9pm. She will be showcasing a dope sex installation aimed to drive conversation on sex as it is depiced in the mordern day.

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