Creatives Garage | Introduction to Kalabars: A Meeting with Content Producers
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Introduction to Kalabars: A Meeting with Content Producers

The 7th day of September had been quite a cold day, you know those days when the sun never rises and it feels like morning even in the afternoon? I believe such days are for staying in bed with a hot cup of cocoa while watching one of those series that has ten seasons and each episode is over an hour long. On this particular day however, something was about to turn up the heat in Creatives Garage. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, allow me to put you on.

Did you hear about our call to content producers interested in coming up with their own productions that promote social change and cultural activism? The purpose of this was, (and still is) to fuse professionalism and creative thinkers to create projects from scratch that can be used to secure economic futures. We got amazing feedback and managed to shortlist 50 budding creatives. Yay!

We had our first meeting yesterday, and the attendees were taken through an introduction lecture (I use this term “lecture” very lightly) with Sammy Wanyoike... you know... just to break the ice.

Crowd 2

This preceded Liz Kilili, who gave the attendees a brief explanation of what was expected of them as creatives and later on they had an interactive session where they were to group themselves, and each group was tasked with coming up with ideas on a production that would centre the specific genre, setting, antagonist and protagonist that was handed to each on random. The genres involved comedy, horror, thriller, action and romance. The groups were given a chance to be creative and just come up with ideas, not just for film as most of us would assume, but other production genres such as podcasts and other video content were equally encouraged.

After that, Liz showcased a screening dubbed ‘Inspiration’ that involved a few short films. As the title suggests, the purpose of the screening was to inspire the audience to think in an ‘outside the box’ type of way. We hope all the creatives who attended were inspired to come up with great ideas for their productions.

In the words of the great Porky Pig from Looney Tunes, "Th-Th-The, Th-Th-The, Th-Th... That's all, folks!"

Written by Chelsea Laria

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