Creatives Garage | Art Showcase review: Faith Wanjala’s Stories From My Mind
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Art Showcase review: Faith Wanjala’s Stories From My Mind

fb-screenshot   This message to our Facebook Page was reposted with permission from the sender.It's only been edited for clarity.
I passed by Creatives Garage last week for a meeting, or rather to get splendidly and wonderfully drunk with my friends when I finally got a good look at Faith's work. I'd googled her earlier on in the year when she had a showing but could barely get enough information. I really had no idea the Staircase Showcase was back! (Pendo Art  broke my heart and disappeared, thus I'm forced to hang around Alliance Francaise to quench my immense craving for art). At first when I got there, art was actually the last thing on my mind. Really, there was music, a spanky creative crowd, a bar and a delectable DJ (whose name you Mr/Ms Admin have refused to provide)*.As I climbed up the stairs to the loo I was basically slapped in the face (metaphorically, it didn't literally fall on me) by one of the paintings. It bore a striking resemblance to what I envisioned my subconsious mind looked like. It was like gazing upon a mirror that looked deep within me and drew out my inner being. The painting is titled "There Are universes Inside Of Me". It's dominated by a black swathe right down the middle of amore or less plain white field. By contrasting black and white it's my understanding (I'm no art pro) the artist was hinting at dualist Ying-Yang philosophy that defines the tranquil universal balance between the forces of good and evil, order and chaos, right and wrong etc. That's not what got me though, neither was it the disembodied floating arms and long fingers that seem to strecth about eerily searching for something to hold on to. No, it was the vivid swirls of colour each different from the other posed about the looming darkness that dominated the image. It reminded me of how I feel inside; dark, with random bursts of energetic colour and light that feel like whole new unexplored worlds within.
"There Are universes Inside Of Me" Source: Faith Wanjala Facebook

"There Are universes Inside Of Me"
Source: Faith Wanjala Facebook

I completely forgot that I was going to the loo and followed the paintings along the wall each time stopping and appreciating the strange feeling that the artist had read my  sometimes fractured mind and transponded what she found onto canvas and paper. From 'Pretty Thoughts' that reminded me of kindred spirits I'd spent time with sharing long heart-felt conversations about music, art and life to 'It's Dark in Here' and 'I want Them Out' that spoke to the part of me that regularly deals with sudden and frequent onsets of depression. There were two more towards the end 'It's all in My Head' one and two which I couldn't quite interpret. As mentioned earlier I've been dealing with depression and "It's All in My Head" is something friends and family would tell me, not something I'd think to myself. If possible, could you please give me the artist's contact information so I can speak to her more about what the pieces mean to her, maybe it would help deepen my understanding of bing that has supposedly dug deep into my inner-person and drawn out that which I feel I keep most hidden. Will she be in today? I'll be back for the ChillOut once again.
It's all in My Head

It's all in My Head

It's all in My Head

It's all in My Head

Admins Note *We didnt refuse to give her the DJ's name, her description was too vague when she asked us at the party :)  
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